Alessandro Rigotto

Alessandro Rigotto grew up in the neighbourhood of Milan where, since early childhood, he showed particular interest and good skills in the exact sciences, which encouraged him to attend the State University of Milan, graduating with excellent results in Mathematics. After graduation, he began to work as a designer and programmer in the mechanical sector. Fond of clock-making, Alessandro became the Associate Member of The British Horological Institute, where he attended their prestigious courses and successfully completed some exams.

In 2012, he set out to engineer and produce clocks for some Italian and French luxury brands, inasmuch as clock-making is a field, which combines beauty, elegance, grace, innovation, quality, precision, great intellect and capability – the traits that have always attracted him as a mathematician, physicist, engineer and connoisseur of art and beauty. That is the reason why clock-making has become his personal challenge, a constant possibility to grow, develop, evolve and create something new and unique in its kind.

In 2016, Alessandro founded Meccaniche Orologi Milano (MOM) with the aim of building timepieces, which would bring together ultramodern and innovative design with traditional mechanical clock-making, thus creating high quality items to be enjoyed for generations.

Member since: 2019
Nationality: Italian
Born: 1976 – Busto Arsizio, Italy

Meccaniche Orologi Milano
Viale Giovanni XXIII°, 112
21015 – Lonate Pozzolo (VA)

T: +39 0331 300 361
M: +39 333 648 04 61