Frank Jutzi

Frank Jutzi has always been fascinated by mechanics and the diversity of watches and their shapes. As a son of a furniture and interior designer he has indeed very early been confronted with the language of shapes.

Already in the first weeks of his apprenticeship he created the base of a table clock with skeleton movement.

In 1985 when Frank Jutzi opened his own workshop for restoration of antique watches and clocks his aim was also to realize his own ideas. Since he entered the AHCI in 2000, the construction and development of new watches have taken more and more importance. Many models of wristwatches and clocks have been created by him.

Member since: 2000
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1963 – Bern, Switzerland

Frank Jutzi
Bernstrasse 9 / Postfach 212
3114 Wichtrach

T: +41 31 371 47 87
F: +41 31 371 40 61