Konstantin Chaykin

Konstantin Chaykin is a well-known Russian watchmaker, inventor (more than 60 patents for inventions in the field of watchmaking). He was born in Russia in 1975, and in 2003 he made his first clock.

Now K. Chaykin is the only Russian member of the International Academy of Independent Watchmakers. He is a creator of the most complicated clock which was ever made in Russia (26 different indicators of horological and astronomical values).

The timepieces by Konstantin Chaykin have repeatedly become laureates of prestigious Russian and international competitions. K. Chaykin annually takes part in the largest international watch exhibition Baselworld, and his watch regularly enters the number of the best.

Member since: 2010
Nationality: Russian
Born: 1975 – St. Petersburg, Russian

Konstantin Chaykin
15 build. 2 Rechnikov str.
115407, Moscow

T: +7 495 988 7372
F: +7 495 988 7372