Xushu Ma

Although Xushu Ma was not a watchmaker by trade, he became one through the strength of his enthusiasm.

At the age of 17 he discovered a book on repairing watches. « It was old – dating back to the fifties, but I read it over and over again. » To put his knowledge into practice, he spent the following decade repairing timepieces from all over the region.

Over the years, Ma built his reputation on his ability to repair complications. « The advantage was that I knew how to make parts. »

In 2005, Ma finally felt he was ready to design and manufacture his first tourbillon Watch. His most recent concept is a watch with a transversal cylindrical movement, with a lateral tourbillon and a display by means of a cursor the top.

Member since: 2015
Nationality: Chinese
Born: 1959

Xushu Ma
Mao Ling Cun
Shi Shan Ling Zhen
Chang-ping, Bejing, China

T: +86 158 1009 2295