Aaron Becsei

Member since 2009
Nationality: Hungarian
Born: 1979 – Budapest, Hungary


Aaron Becsei is the 3rd generation of a watchmaking dynasty and he is one of the few watchmakers who makes everything himself in his atelier: from designing to the manufacturing: all the parts including the bridges, wheels, screws, dials, hands, case and bezels, the crown and the buckle too.

Aaron Becsei’s most known project is the design and development of the PRIMUS tourbillon wrist watch which has an extremely complicated and unique movement: respecting traditional watchmaking he invented the 3-axis tourbillion movement without ball-bearings which is a unique solution at this size and level of complication. His most complicated carriage clock is the Tourbillon No2. with a self- designed and invented perpetual calendar system.

His precision and commitment to invent and build inspired timepieces of such exceptional quality is creating a reputation as an artist to keep your eyes on in the watchmakers world.

The brand

Bexei Watches

Kakukk ut 20/A
1126 Budapest

T: +36 2042 882 56


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