Andreas Strehler

Member since 2000
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1971 – Winterthur, Switzerland


Bread rolls, cakes and ginger bread was what Andreas Strehler as a child wanted to make when he would grow up. Just like his grandfather. Then came a phase of sometimes explosive chemical experiments. Not quite watchmaking either. His talent to construct model aircraft which would actually fly was already closer. Then, Andreas’ parents trade in antiques brought him into contact with old watches – and there it was: Producing something from scratch, guarding a great tradition of craftsmanship while experimenting with new technologies. He had found his calling. A calling which in the seventies was thought to die out soon. Watchmakers were basically battery changers. But after watchmaking school, Renaud & Papi needed a talented watchmaker because there were after all some watch aficionados left.

Andreas Strehler went on to set up his own shop in Winterthur and later moved to Sirnach, where his small but well equipped manufacture still is today.

The brand

Andreas Strehler

Standbachstrasse 26
8370 Sirnach

T: +41 71 966 11 88
F: +41 71 966 11 79

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