Aniceto Jiménez Pita

Aniceto and Daniel believe that being an independent watchmaker is about following one’s convictions without fear. An independent watchmaker must deliver unseen functionalities that might challenge the status-quo. Invent the impossible and patent it. Also requires continuously surprising collectors avoiding focus solely on financially profitable creations. And ultimately, the watchmaker should follow a holistic creation process, allowing fully customisation to deliver true bespoke timepieces.

Self taught in watchmaking, Aniceto’s knowledge was obtained for more than 45 years working in his own watchmaking and jewellery atelier. Over the years, his artisan techniques have been complemented by state of the art tools, with the ultimate objective of bringing his ideas to life and sharing his passion in watchmaking with any enthusiast.

In 2005, Aniceto was the first watchmaker worldwide to start applying magnetism techniques within a mechanical timepiece, patenting two of its ideas to contribute to the innovation in mechanical horology. Our journey has just started, this is only the beginning.

Member since: 2006
Nationality: Spanish
Born: 1947 – Oliva de Merida, Spain

Pita Barcelona
Av. Meridiana 223
08027 Barcelona

T: +34 933 406 346
Skype: @pitabarcelona