In 2006, Anton received a master’s degree from the Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg.

In 2007, began working as a chief designer at Konstantin Chaykin.

In 2016, became the winner of the Young Talents Competition of F.P.Journe and for the first time showed clock under his own name at an exhibition in Basel.

In 2018, Anton Suhanov founded his own company and brand.

In 2019, released a Pharos table clock model with a three-axis tourbillon.

In 2020, released a table clock model Lotus with a unique three-axis tourbillon and an unusual time indication.

In 2021, released a model of his first wrist watch Racer.

The absence of a classical education as a watchmaker helps to take a fresh look at many aspects of watchmaking and find unexpected non-standard solutions when creating watches. The main emphasis in the work is on the development of mechanical complications in watches and the use of unusual methods of time indication.

Candidate since: 2022
Nationality: Russian
Born: 1983 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Anton Suhanov
1 Lermontovskiy pr.
190121, Saint Petersburg

T: +7 906 270 6492