Beat Haldimann

Our watches are for people who are all about content, not brands”, the master watchmaker, who grew up in the Thun area, says in his serious way – which is most likely why there is only a very thin line between what he does for a living and how he lives, the borders dissipating as he moves from room to room within Nussbühl, one private, the next public.

Those who no longer need labels and marketing are our customers”, he continues. “From far away, my watch should look like any other, inconspicuous. Then the client can enjoy it in peace. If it were too conspicuous, they would no longer want it, for it would then awaken covetous feelings. It is much more beautiful as a secret pleasure for the wearer. This is what we make: secret pleasures for connoisseurs.

Having completed his first resonance clock 2001, many of his movements now bend to the coupling of double escapements supporting each other, one making the other better and more accurate. While Haldimann – who only works with traditional techniques and does not even own a CNC machine – admits this duality could well cause them to destroy each other, he notes with a knowing smile that such is not the case. “I’m so interested in why it works”, he says, the statement a tip of the iceberg in his study of the phenomenon of resonance.

Member since: 2002
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1964 – Oberdiessbach, Switzerland

Nussbühl Riedstrasse 2
3600 Thun

T: +41 33 223 30 82
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