Bernhard Lederer

When he inherited his grandfather’s pocket watch, the story began. When he read a book about the diverse sound patterns of the most varied watch escapements, the seed was finally sown. Consequently, his first self-made watch was already equipped with a special escapement.

Today, Bernhard Lederer is one of the experts consulted when it comes to the most difficult stage in watch construction, the escapements.

Based on his years of experience and still working as a constructor for multinational watch brands, he is now launching a unique collection of watches with significant escapements, starting with the further development of the famous George Daniels escapement, which he has made suitable for everyday use for the first time.

A marine chronometer for the wrist.

Member since: 1985
Nationality: German
Born: 1958 – Kornwestheim, Germany

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2072 St-Blaise

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