Christian Klings

Christian Klings, born in 1957 in Dresden Germany, is a highly skilled artist, manufacturing unique wristwatches with various complications. The process of creating such masterpieces with old traditional watchmaking tools requires incredible mechanical ability of extraordinary talents.

His skill of making watches depends mostly on the touch of his hands, and not the machinery. The detail of the mechanism is visible through the exhibition back, and sometimes on the dialside of the watch. Some of his designs and innovations, like tourbillon Nr.7, or modified versions of pivoted detent escapements in wristwatches which are resistant against shock, cover one of the most difficult aspects of watchmaking.

Some of his complicated timepieces may have more appeal to the scientist than the watch collector.

Member since: 2009
Nationality: German
Born: 1957 – Dresden, Germany

Christian Klings
Pfortenstrasse 15
07318 Saalfeld

T: +49 36715261808