Makihara Daizoh enrolled at Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College in Japan in 2007. After graduating in 2010, he became a trainee who produced watches for one year, and produced tourbillons. After that, after working for three years at a watch repair company, I will work as a teacher at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry. Established own brand “DAIZOH MAKIHARA WATCH CRAFT JAPAN” in 2017. Announced “KIKUTSUNAGIMON SAKURA”, the first in the world in 2018, incorporating Edo Kiriko, a Japanese traditional craft.

I will be one of the few independent watchmakers in the world who work on watchmaking and engraving all alone.

Member since: 2022
Nationality: Japanese
Born: 1979 – Aichi, Japan

Daizoh Makihara
Saitama, Prefecture

T: +81 90 6652 0277