Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner was born 1975 in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) into a watchmaking family. During his childhood he was surrounded by exceptional and complicated timepieces in his father’s restora-tion atelier which forged his horological culture.

In 1992 Felix enrols in the prestigious watchmaking school in Solothurn. After gaining his watchmak-ing diploma, Felix declined the easy option of an association with his father and moved to Geneva to work as an independent watchmaker.

He started to develop complicated watches, including perpetual calendars and minute repeaters, as well as restoration commissions for prestigious watch brands. Soon he started to dream about creating his own timepieces.

In 1997 Felix co-founds URWERK SA with Thomas Baumgartner and Martin Frei. Their goal: to design and craft “Haute Horlogerie” timepieces blending tradition with futuristic visions.

Member since: 1999
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1975 – Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Rue du Rhône 114
1204 Geneva

T: +41 22 900 20 25
F: +41 22 900 20 26