Florian Schlumpf

Florian Schlumpf

Candidate since April 2018
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1955


1977 – 1980: Accademy of Fine Arts, Lucerne, graduated as sculptor

1985 – 1988: Studies at Zentralschweizer Technikum, Lucerne, graduated as Mechanical Engineer HTL

1989: Foundation of Schlumpf Ingenieurbuero, from 2003 Schlumpf Innovations GmbH, developing new products in the field of gearing systems, water pumps, clocks, kinetic art objects

2011: Sale of gearing division to German Haberstock-Mobility and start of Time Machine R&D

2013: Production start of first Time Machine TM1

2014: Monumental project in Moscow in cooperation with Raketa Pedrodvorets Watch Factory, St. Petersburg

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Florian Schlumpf

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