Guo Ming

Guo Ming

Candidate since 2017
Nationality: Chinese
Born: 1976 – Shanghai, China


Guo Ming comes from Shanghai. His father engaged in sewing machine repairing and he was influenced by his work and showed some interest in micromechanics afterwards.

When Ming was studying abroad, he found a part-time job in a local vintage clocks and watches store. From then on, his interest in watches grew rapidly. When he returned to China, he began to learn watchmaking .

Ming is the student of Frank Jutzi and learned watchmaking from him in Wichtrach in Switzerland. He has a watchmaking workshop in Shanghai and serves as teacher for Shanghai Industrial Technical School and also working for Shanghai Clock & Watch Science Museum.

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Guo Ming


Room303, NO: 238
South Shanxi Road, Xuhui District
Shanghai, China

T: +86 13601712150

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