John-Mikael Flaux

John-Mikael Flaux graduated after 6 years of studies from Edgard Faure school in Morteau-France, with a diploma of the Art of watchmaking « DMA- Diplôme des métiers d’Art ».

In 2012, he was noticed by the Swiss manufacturer Ulysse-Nardin and became a watchmaker in the major complications « grande complication » department .

In 2014, on spare time, he creates “The Wasp” a watch mechanism that embodies the shape of the insect and from that point on he became a watchmaker-creator of the brand Ulysse-Nardin.

In 2015-2016, he creates for Ulysse-Nardin the table clock “Super-Catamaran” inspired by the Offshore racing boats (presented in Basel in 2016)
In 2017, he left Ulysse-Nardin and settling his workshop in France thus becoming officially an independent watchmaker.

His specialty, the art of mechanics, he aims to revisit the world of watchmaking and automatons by giving it a more poetic and extravagant dimension.

Member since: 2021
Nationality: French
Born: 1990 – France

John-Mikael Flaux Createur & Horloger
25000 – BESANÇON