Kim Djapri

Candidate since 2016
Nationality: German
Born: 1979 – Cologne, Germany


Since childhood, Kim Djapri was fascinated by mechanics. In 2006, he disassembled his first mechanical watch. This hobby quickly evolved into a career, and Kim studied watchmaking at the Robert-Gerwig-School in Furtwangen, where, within just three years, he began to design and construct his own wristwatch.

Kim then joined Lang & Heyne in Dresden, working with Marco Lang who introduced him to Haute Horology. Kim’s role as company representative meant he travelled extensively throughout the world meeting collectors, horology enthusiasts and retailers. All conversations boiled down to one conclusion: a watch must be unique.

This idea of uniqueness led to Kim Djapri’s first watch, “Reverse” – which is completely original in its construction and finishing touches.

Kim’s creations are traditional in their complexity and craftsmanship. However, he combines modern elements of simplicity and defiance with the intention of harmonizing the old with the new.

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Kim Djapri
Heinrichstrasse 8
01097 Dresden

T: +49 (0) 351 25 96 96 55

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