Lin Yong-Hua

Lin Yong-Hua

Candidate since 2017
Nationality: Chinese
Born: 1973 – Shenzhen, China


Born with a talent on mechanics, Mr. Lin Yong-Hua (LYH) started his tick-tock career in 1991, at age of 18. After years’ indulge in watch production field, LYH is especially concerned and immersed in watch’s mechanism: timing & permanent calendar & minute repeater & tourbillion. In 2016, he could no longer hold the impulse of making his own watch, so there came the Vinyl Record watch, a watch in memory of the vanishing classic music era.

Backed with a vast Chinese culture of 5000 years, ideas keep jumping out his mind. To realize these ideas, LYH will spend the rest of his life to explore the depth of independent watch making.

Using his utmost effort to bring inspirations to the world of clock & watch!
That’s the truest dream in LYH’s heart.