Machiel Hulsman, born in the Netherlands, always had a passion for watches and mechanics, but went to become a successful consultant for banks and insurance companies. After many years, in 2013, he found his real passion again and went all-in: Machiel quit his job, invested everything he had and worked days, nights, weekends to learn the trades of traditional watchmaking.

After 5.5 years, Machiel finished his first time-only timepiece, the Marie-Elise. He designed, calculated and hand made every single part of this timepiece, including the rubies (pallets, roller, barrel jewels, etc) except for the mainspring and hairspring. Meanwhile upgrading his workshop with the needed tools, books and machinery and learning 3D designing.

Machiel is now working on several extremely complex timepieces with complications like a decimal minute repeater with petit -and grand sonnerie, perpetual calender and many more. The customers will still have to wait quite some time for their timepieces, as these timepieces are of course fully in-house designed -and made, completely to the customers specifications and wishes.

While working on these timepieces, Machiel stays in very close contact with his enthusiastic customers. The shared passion is one of the most enjoyable things there is!

Candidate since: 2022
Nationality: Dutch
Born: Netherlands

Machiel Hulsman
Eemnesserweg 107,
The Netherlands

T: +31 655 842 672