Masahiro Kikuno

When Masahiro Kikuno was much younger, he grabbed a watch magazine at the bookstore and he was deeply impressed by the “attention-to-detail” beauty created by the human hands in the mechanical watchmaking.

He later decided to go to the watchmaking school in Japan. He started to advance his knowledge and technique of watchmaking and made a perpetual calendar tourbillon watch and while he was still a watchmaking school trainee.

In 2011, he designed and made the first “Temporal hour (Wadokei) wristwatch” which had an index adjusting mechanism corresponding to the everyday-changing length of the day/night period.

All his creations have the scent of Japanese traditions and beauty, created in and by his own original way, and are a reflection of his character and passion.

Member since: 2013
Nationality: Japanese
Born: 1983 – Hokkaido, Japan

Masahiro Kikuno
6-13-27, Misaki, Funabashishi