Matthias Naeschke

Matthias Naeschke is a consummate clockmaker, technical designer and church musician. For some years he worked in the best jewellery shops of Switzerland and England and after his technical studies, he was engaged to design and develop mechanical movements for commercial production.

Matthias Naeschke started in 1984 in a small workshop in his private house to build organ clocks. Thus he was the first organist artisan in 150 years to study the art and revive the high craft of organ-clockmaking. Following his further development of organ clocks he also designed and produced a wide range of exclusive table, wall and floor clocks.

His aim is the realisation of new ideas with unprecedented design, handcrafted to perfection and with precision unmatched by the others of his chosen profession.

Member since: 1988
Nationality: German
Born: 1943 – Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany

Matthias Naeschke
Fliederstrasse 7
72401 Haigerloch-Weildorf

T: +49 7474 2613
F: +49 7474 917473