Miki Eleta

Does passion belong to the clock or the time ?
Artisanal creation process…

How are Miki Eleta’s clocks created? Sketches show loosely connected thoughts, untreated brass and steel are lying on the table. Later, as soon as gearwheels and levers fall into place for a first play, the mechanical and artistic possibilities of an idea begin to emerge. A regular, precise interplay of handmade components aims to follow a general agreement by humanity about the meas-urement of time.

Miki Eleta likes to arouse the curiosity of observers and to hear their questions about his creations and invite them to stay and watch the passing of time in its beauty.

Member since: 2008
Nationality: Bosnian-Herzegovinian / Swiss
Born: 1950 – Visegrad, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Miki Eleta
Arbentalstrasse 311
8045 Zürich

T: +41 79 458 79 97