Paul Gerber

After receiving his watch making Diploma Paul Gerber moved to Zurich, since 1976 he continues to create his own line of wristwatches and clocks in his workshop.

Paul continues to surprises us with new developments of complicated mechanisms. Technical knowledge and creativity allow Paul to manufacture his handmade specialty masterpieces. Products of this level are a synthesis of modern technology and traditional handicraft.

Examples of Paul Gerber’s work are his Tonneau-movement “Cal. 33“ with 3-D moon-phase with his “Escapement”, the 2-Rotor Retro-Twin automatic, the Cal. 41 3-Rotor automatic manufactory movement with both sweeping and jumping seconds with quick set date.

With the modification of basis movements like the PG Cal. 42 3-Rotor the same watch making challenges remain for Paul.

Member since: 1988
Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1950 – Bern, Switzerland

Paul Gerber
Bockhornstrasse 69
8047 Zürich

T: +41 44 401 45 69