Peter Wibmer

Peter Wibmer is building mechanical clocks which have additional technical complexities. By creating these instruments it is important for him that the function of the clockwork can be seen. For Wibmer a clock has to show its movement.

Therefore Peter Wibmers favourite movements are “Skeleton Clocks”, constructed and handmade, all metal, polished, sometimes gilded.

While in terms a traditionalist of his construction techniques, he is open-minded regarding modern technology and colourful contemporary design.

Since now he had constructed 204 and had build 400 clocks.

Wibmer designs, constructs and manufactures clocks with complications, date, perpetual calendars, sun and moon, one year power reserve, striking mechanisms, automatic units.

President of the Academy (2003 – 2011)
Member since: 1987
Nationality: Austrian
Born: 1949 – Lienz, Austria

Peter Wibmer
Bärnkopf 3
3665 Bärnkopf

T: +43 (0) 676 7482 550