Philippe Wurtz

Even as a child the French-born Wurtz had a passion for mechanics. Later he studied mathematics and physics in Strasbourg.

This was followed by an apprenticeship as a clockmaker in Frankfurt / Main, where Philippe Wurtz began to turn his attention to antique clocks. Due to his scientific knowledges, his fascination evolved into a deep passion for precision pendulum clocks and their special challenges.

Lépine timepieces and the observatory clocks are his archetype. The ethereal skeleton design, the steady construction and a never seen combination of innovative features distinguish Philippe Wurtz clocks. The application of newest technologies makes PW clocks the most accurate and efficient actually available. Considering the design, the accuracy, the features and highest quality of manufacturing, his clocks obviously are in a class of themselves. Philippe Wurtz is owner of two patents.

Member since: 2005
Nationality: French
Born: 1953 – Alsace, France

Philippe Wurtz
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