Raúl Pagès

My first foray into independent work was an intricate Tortoise automaton, made from 18 carat gold, diamonds and sapphires. The time I spent researching, engineering and making the Tortoise fuelled my love for the craft, and it wasn’t long before I starting dreaming of the next step – creating my own watch.

The craft of watchmaking is dying out. We live in a society based on speed and convenience in which it would take you less time to print a wristwatch than it would for me to make a single cog.

But that’s precisely why I do this.

I do it for the art. For the passion, the patience, and the precision that goes into every handmade watch. Into every screw, every cog and every hand that I design, make, polish, and place by hand.

Independent watchmaking is not just doing watches.

It’s a labour of love.

Member since: 2017
Nationality: Spanish
Born: 1983 – Les Brenets, Switzerland

Rue Pierre Seitz 10
2416 Les Brenets

T: +41 32 913 16 34