Robert Bray

Member since 2007
Nationality: British
Born: 1956 – Yorkshire, Great Britain


Born in 1956, Robert Bray came turned to clock making relatively late in life. Leaving school at 15 he embarked upon a craft engineering apprenticeship with a small company who specialised in making of precision gears. Gaining sufficient qualifications at Technical College he was able to embark on a Production Engineering Degree at Brunel University where he obtained a first class honours Degree in 1979.

From then till 1995 he continued to work for the same company in various positions and was involved in all aspects of engineering, from Design through to Production and the Quality control of small gears and gearboxes for Aerospace, Defence and Medical applications.

In 1995, looking for a new challenge, he took over a failing Sinclair Harding of Cheltenham thus ensuring a famous clock making name would survive and at the same time he started to redirect his skills to the art clock making.

Now the company is 15 strong with all the employees personally trained by Robert Bray. Unlike many of the clock and watch making companies almost everything is made in his ever expanding workshop and the same exacting standards learned in the Aerospace environment are used in clocks made by Robert Bray and his team.

Skeleton clocks predominate the range offered by this small Yorkshire based team, with everything on view attention to detail is paramount. The most impressive piece in the range is a ¾ sized model of John Harrison’s H1 which sits on a rocking base and is a mind boggling demonstration piece of Harrison’s fascinating inventions.

The brand

Sinclair Harding (UK) Ltd

Phillips House
Chapel Lane
Emley, HD8 9ST
Great Britain

T: +44 1924 840666
F: +44 1924 840631

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