Shona is a young watchmaker full of creativity and determination.

She fell in love with watchmaking at the age of 10, when she saw the majestic Prague Astronomical Clock. Since then, she has enjoyed bringing the magic of watchmaking to life a little more every day. In her heart, of course, and through her creations.

Her six years of study in the field enabled her to become a watchmaker, and her overflowing ideas led her to become an “independent” watchmaker.

For her, a watch is a skilful blend of know-how, materials and philosophy. Passionate, she wants to convey these emotions through her watches.

The first drawings of a timepiece are always made with a pencil on a blank sheet of paper. Shona continues her technical sketches on the computer, then behind a Hauser pointing machine, a Schaublin lathe and, in the ancestral way, a file and diamond paste. Simple tools from a century ago, which give the watchmaker the space to integrate a part of her soul into each component.

For her, working with materials is both a physical and spiritual art.

Animated by a beating heart, her watches are living creations, born of a fervent horological passion!

Candidate since: 2023
Nationality: French
Born: 1998 – France

Shona Taine
Obergasse 27
2502 Biel/Bienne

T: +41(0)78 402 15 53