Valerii Danevych

Valerii Danevych was born in 1968 in the capital of the Ukraine, Kiev, where he also works even today. He has descended from a family which has been marked since generations by cabinet-maker’s workshop. Whereby he already made during his school days wooden miniatures like an only 3 cm guitar with hair as strings.

As a qualified precision joiner working with wooden constructions, restorations or artisan articles did not give him any more satisfaction. The feeling and ambition to manufacture complicated mechanical crafts completely from wood in miniature form was always on his mind. In 2005 so he had the idea to make clockworks out of this material without being educated as a watchmaker.

His talent and perseverance motivated him to produce among many artworks the only functioning wooden wristwatches worldwide, also with flying tourbillon.

Member since: 2014
Nationality: Ukrainian
Born: 1968 – Kiev, Ukraine

Valerii Danevych
U. Smolitscha Str. 44, 6-B

T: +38 096 170 2993