Vincent Calabrese

The creations of Vincent Calabrese, a self-taught, iconoclastic watchmaker-philosopher represent provocative challenges to mechanical traditions in general and to horological traditions in particular.

The number, the diversity and the originality of his creations have earned him international fame as one of the most fertile creative minds in the watch business. His watch making style enables him to make unique and personalised movements in any shape or form.

His technical features such as the Flying Tourbillon with classic or regulator display are matched by his aesthetic accomplishments, and his extremely complex creations are surprising both for their pure beauty and for their deceptively simple appearance.

Attentive observers cannot help being stunned by the multiple facets of the creative talent of Vincent Calabrese, co-founder of the AHCI.

Member since: 1985
Nationality: Italian
Born: 1944 – Naples, Italy

Vincent Calabrese
Les Résidences de la Côte 50
1110 Morges

T: +41 21 963 24 70