Xu Jiabao

Entitled by the China Horologe Association as the « Chinese Master Clockmaker », Xu Jiabao already crafts clocks for over 30 years. His creations are inspired from his childhood; they all have the breath of life and he loves them.

Xu Jiabao always remembers « Shui Yun Yi Xiang Tai » which was built by Su Song in 1090 A.D., who was a pioneer of mechanical horologe in China and featured the earliest escapement in the world.

Xu Jiabao’s wish is to perpetuate this tradition with his own creations of Chinese culture and style. This is target and vision!

Member since: 2017
Nationality: Chinese
Born: 1941

Xu Jiabao
Mr. Xu Jiabao
No.103, Dong Dun Xia,
He Liu Shu, Hu Tang Zhen,
Wu Jing, Chang Zhou City,
Jiang Su, P. R. China
P.C: 213161

T: +86 139 6121 6659