AHCI – 25th anniversary

“Why the AHCI?” asked a Singapore journalist some years ago. Yes, “Why”?

Because the collapse of the European and especially Swiss traditional horology after the invention and production of the quartz watch, the mechanical watch was declared “dead” by the end of the 1970ties.

In 1982-84, the surprise: A rising demand for mechanical watches came up.

Advised collectors, many Italians, came to us, independents, asking to make mechanical watches for them. Also financial groups who bought old abandoned brands asked us to develop new products.

Vincent and I where directly concerned and we decided to organise a space “in the new world of horology” for the independents. This was in order to allow them to present and promote their enormous potential of invention, creation and incomparable craftsmanship.

I think we can be proud today of our lucidity and to have allowed 30 independent high grade watch makers to get known worldwide.

For this, I thank also all the journalists who by their articles and presentations in the magazines, and now in internet, helped us to achieve the international acknowledgement of which we benefit today.

Now, a new generation is taking over the “Academic spirit”, but so as we had, they have to fight against a crisis situation which is not due to a horological invention, but to the short view and rapid profit mentality of the global world´s financial system. 25 years ago it was like this. Recently a VIP said: “Yes we can”, and I know the young generation can still surprise the watch collectors with personalized unique items.

To the lovers of exceptional horology I would like to say, as once a young Chinese lady said: “Here you can touch the watchmaker who makes YOUR watch”
Svend Andersen, co-founder of the AHCI.